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posted by Jannet on 27 August 2016

New Members: Mio, hello and welcome! ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ))。₀: *゜

Level Ups: ( 2 – 3 ) Dina, ( 3 – 4 ) Koshiba, Lex, Vanja

Masteries: Ajisaitea ( idol ), Amber ( chefs ), Dina ( darknight, thunderbeast ), Eon ( recklessly ), Hotaru ( manwife ), Kairi ( detectives, strawberry ), Kearin ( jellyfish ), Lex ( jellyfish, scouts, sunnydays ), Maron ( angelsdescent ), Megumi ( passionateembrace ), Vanja ( rainyseason )

Game Updates: Weekly

New Decks:

Click here for the update freebies. Please comment on this post with what you have taken. Thank you!
Remember you may only take freebies from updates that were posted on the day you joined and onwards.

What Do You Mean It's Not Halloween Yet?!

Congratulations to everyone who leveled up and mastered decks this week! Also a shoutout to Eon for mastering recklessly so quickly (〜^∇^)〜

Since we've addressed fanart and official decks, I'll take the time to address fanart and member cards. I will allow fanart on member cards as long as the original artist gives explicit written permission for use of their artwork in graphics. If you currently have fanart featured on your member card, please send me a link to the original artwork and where the artist states their permission for use. If you cannot find the original artwork or the artist's permission, please send me another image you would like featured on your member card.

Sorry to be such a downer concerning fanart. It wasn't something I thought too much about at first, since the TCG community is such a niche community. But I want to do my best in appreciating and honoring fan artists and their requests. Thanks for understanding!

Moving on to other topics, how would everyone feel about a forum? It would be more for discussion and getting to know one another than anything else really, so signing up wouldn't be required. I'd also probably use it to inform ya'll of things I'd like to get done but haven't had the chance to do so, and things that keep slipping my mind when I go to write an update x'D

Also be prepared for an influx of Love Live! School Idol Project in the upcoming decks since I pretty much went through the L section of the deck suggestions this week. I just haven't finalized the decks or uploaded them yet

Till next time

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