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trust your heart if the seas catch fire
posted by Jannet on 26 April 2016

Hi anyone who happens to stumble across this ~ I'm super excited for the opening this weekend And I'm sorry for the top-heavy layout. Hopefully it is still navigable and not too annoying.

I've reached my goal of 50 decks but I'm in desperate need of upcoming decks to make. If you have any suggestions, send them my way using the contact form or replying to our Exposure Forums thread. Be sure to include the link to the image, the series the image comes from, and any deck name suggestions you have. You'll be rewarded extra for your suggestions once / if you join of course

Other than that, feel free to look around. The login information for Demo is located to your left. The join form has been disabled for now, but everything else is up and running. Hopefully. Let me know if you run across any blatant and not-so-blatant errors. Have fun ~ And see you Saturday

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