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cold frost and sunshine
posted by Jannet on 08 October 2016

Level Ups: ( 4 – 5 ) Hotaru

Masteries: Amber ( angelsdescent, cagedbirds, gardenofavalon, unwelcomechange ), Koshiba ( greenhouse, peacefulspring ), Lex ( ivalice, summertime ), moe ( ordine )

Game Updates: Weekly

New Decks:

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Presenting X/1999

We've been flooded with X/1999 in the upcoming decks :D I think I went overboard with Saturation and Selective Color on most of the decks What even is colour anymore? I don't even know.

Also Yuri!!! on Ice It's just so beautiful ♥ And the homoerotic subtext that all sports anime have is not even subtext anymore. Like, full-on, buck naked, dripping wet, lemme wink at you, get the same dog as you and name it after you, and blow this anime straight out of subtext. I saw a post online that said the number of exclamation points in a sports anime title correlates to how gay the characters will be for each other, and so far it makes sense. Free! Haikyuu!! Yuri!!! on Ice. I'm now waiting for a sports anime with four exclamation points

In TCG news, I thought of a possible event for future holidays but I don't think it'll be implemented in time for Halloween. But for future reference, how do you guys feel about decks that are a little bit more difficult to master? Like, they'd only be in the randomizer for one month but you'd be able to exchange special currency for them during the rest of the year. I haven't fully planned how it's going to work yet.

Also, I've been thinking of possibly introducing new currency which you can exchange for packs of cards. Or maybe I'll just add that feature into the current Snowball Exchange Center. The packs would feature cards from some arbitrary number I haven't decided yet a few specific decks … and that's all I got to with that idea ^^;

Let me know your thoughts on those ideas even though they'll take some time to implement and haven't been fully flushed out yet, oops Till next time

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