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snow TCG

snow is a miniature puzzle trading card game dedicated to the gorgeousness that is illustration artwork. We feature puzzles exclusively because puzzles are simple, and we are a simple TCG at heart. The name snow was chosen to reflect the elegance and serenity found in many an illustration artwork.

The following information assumes you are at least a little familiar with how online TCGs work. If this is your first TCG, feel free to contact me and we’ll hash out what you need to do in order to set up a tradepost. Or if that seems like too much of a hassle, you can always visit one of the bigger TCGs and read their about pages—such as Champion’s TCG Newbie Guide—to get a sense for how things work.

A Miniature TCG?

The mini TCG is a wonderful concept originally thought up by Rahenna. Games are automated and don’t require any knowledge of the subject at hand. It’s perfect for those who don’t know a lot about the subject and / or don’t have a lot of time on their hands to devote to TCGs.

Although we classify ourselves as a mini TCG, we do have member cards and an option to earn cards via badge and button donations. We also strive to update once every week or every other week. However, all our games require zero knowledge to play and there won’t be any TCG-wide events. Members are also allowed to play at their own pace, hence the mini TCG label.   ╮(^▽^)╭

So all we do is collect and trade cards?

At this moment in time, yes. And to be quite honest, you don’t really need to trade if you don’t have the time. In the future, we may introduce more features such as achievements and milestones, but that is a major if. It really depends on how many members request these added features. My goal for snow is to keep things easy, for both me as the owner and for you as the member, which is why everything is geared towards making updates as simple as possible.

Then why do I need to login?

To help keep things simple and easy for you! snow logs all of your activity on the site and you have the option to link to snow’s activity log instead of keeping track of cards earned from activities on your own. You do still need to keep track of cards earned from trades though. If you would rather archive your log on your tradepost, we offer an easy update Copy & Paste log. For those using EasyTCG to manage their cards, we have an easy update for cards as well.


All cards at snow are worth one, with the exception of member cards which are worth zero. Member cards are made once a player joins and may only be traded for other member cards.


There is only type of currency at snow: a tiny snowball. It’s so tiny it’s hard to see.

Snowballs can be exchanged for either a choice card or a given number of random cards at the Snowball Exchange Center. As such, you will receive snowballs in lieu of specific choice cards when you send in a level up or deck mastership form. The Exchange Center also doubles as an inventory so you do not need to keep track of your snowballs.

All weekly activities except Winter Bargain ( Card Claim ) have a random chance of rewarding up to 2 snowballs depending on your level. You can view the rates for each level in the table below. Because it’s difficult to earn snowballs at lower levels, all active members who are at Level Five or below will receive 5 snowballs each week.


Your level increases as you earn more and more cards. The level requirements and rewards earned for each level up are displayed below.

Level Card Count Reward Rate
One 001–100 2 random cards upon approval 10 %
Two 101–300 2 random cards, 20 snowballs 12.5 %
Three 301–500 4 random cards, 20 snowballs 12.5 %
Four 501–800 4 random cards, 20 snowballs 16.67 %
Five 801–1100 6 random cards, 40 snowballs 16.67 %
Six 1101–1500 6 random cards, 40 snowballs 25 %
Seven 1501–1900 8 random cards, 60 snowballs 25 %
Eight 1901–2400 8 random cards, 60 snowballs 50 %
Nine 2401–2900 8 random cards, 80 snowballs 50 %
Ten 2901–3500 10 random cards, 80 snowballs 100 %

When you are ready to level up, fill out the Level Up form to receive your prize.

You may claim the prize for Level 10 ( Ten ) again after every 600 cards earned beyond the listed requirement for the level. The Level Up form will inform you of the cards required to level up so there is no need for you to calculate any numbers.

Deck Mastership

Once you’ve collected all 20 cards in a deck, you become a master of that deck. Use the Deck Mastership form to claim your mastership. As a reward, you’ll receive 3 random cards and 20 snowballs. You can pick up mastership badges on the cards page.