Updates & Info



Calico of Senshi Card-Mania! R • Entire concept of online TCGs

Eremis of Mint • Illustration TCG inspiration

Rahenna of Trading Academy and In the Cards • Original concept of mini TCGs, Member list organization

VBunny of Reverie • Member card template inspiration


Engram Pixel • Kitty kaomojis for Cutenews

Various • Specific sources listed on deck page

Scripts ( Games )

Cathy Dutton at CodePen • Hangman script

Brian and Yossi Cohen at Dynamic Drive • Tic Tac Toe script

estelle at JSFiddle • Script inspiration for Roll Dice

Mike McGrath at JavaScript Source • Blackjack script

Rahenna and Exposure Forums • Scripts for Freebies, Guess the Number, Lottery, Lucky Match ( inspired ), Pick a Card, Slots, Spin the Wheel, and War

Taty • Scripts for Puzzle and Memory

Scripts ( Site )

Bootstrap and Font Awesome • CSS toolkits used to spiff up the website

ColorBox • jQuery plugin used to display decks in nifty popups

imgPreview • jQuery plugin used to show deck suggestion image previews

Most of the scripts around the site were inspired by either Bloo or Rahenna and Marfisa and written by yours truly.

  1. Inspired by Bloo • Anti-Refresh Games, Prize Claim and Prize Notifications, Shop and Inventory, Temporary Log, Upcoming Deck Vote
  2. Inspired by Nina • Wishlist
  3. Inspired by Rahenna and Marfisa • Automated Forms and Games, Randomizer
  4. Original scripts written by Jannet • TCG Management System, Update Freebies