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posted by Jannet on 30 April 2016

We are officially open for business

Now time for me to head to bed. I'll see you around tomorrow ~

Afternoon Edit ↠ Shiny New Lovelies

New Members: Cassidy, Chiisai, Lee, Lex, Maron, Mina, Mirai, Renako, hello and welcome! ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ))。₀: *゜

Affiliates: This is Halloween ~ This is Halloween ~ No, it's Harry Potter :D

Afternoon Edit ⌟ When I said tomorrow, I meant to say later today Yay for sleep deprived brain sentences.

Anyhow, let's go down to business … to defeat the Huns! And also talk about snow for a bit. We are a mini TCG, and we subscribe to the idea of playing at your own pace. You can just collect cards if that's what you feel like doing. There's really no need to trade if you don't have the time. We can just be the collecting card game instead x'D

So there's no need for you to stay too active on top of us. Play when you can, trade when you can, update when you can. There is an automatic script that will move anyone who hasn't put themselves on hiatus and also hasn't logged onto the site in three months to the inactive list, but it's simple enough to reactivate your account.

On a different note, I don't know if you've noticed but I have a serious love of color. I was half tempted to call this TCG "Saturation" or something along those lines because of how often I use that adjustment in Photoshop. But of course, things can get a little lot wonky when drastically adjusting colors, so let me know if a puzzle image just looks off to you and I'll try and fix it.

Speaking of errors, let me know if you happen to run into one on the site. It can be a coding error, or grammatical, or styling issues, or anything really. I did a demo test run but I'm sure I missed a few. Also I'm pretty sure I got all the kinks figured out for the Easy Update cards feature, but I'll be keeping an eye on that for awhile to see that no bugs made their way through.

And moving onto deck suggestions! You can suggest as many decks as you'd like but the activity is coded so that you only get rewarded for your first suggestion of the month. Buuuuuttt, since I am in dire need of decks to make, for these first couple of weeks starting tomorrow (after the monthly reset), I'll reward an extra card for every three you send in until I hit my goal of … whatever I set my goal to be O:) For those who suggested decks before the opening, you'll get your bonus rewards next week.

That's it for now ~ Because this is getting long

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